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Adena believes in health, happiness and personal well being with being open mined to trying Cannabis. She provides alternative methods to smoking Cannabis as medicine to best fit your health condition. Canadians are setting the example that Cannabis is an option for their wellness, not just to legalize and stop the “black market.” Be your own health advocate and ask questions. She will help your understand if Cannabis is an ok treatment and provide suggestions for healthy consumption that fits your needs. Services focus on senior health, decreased appetite and development of cooking skills for widowed seniors. She is here to help if you are a recreational user looking for personal guiding plans on strains based on your requests. Learn how to enhance or suppress your appetite with Cannabis. If you have pain, anxiety, insomnia, problems focusing, decreased appetite and chronic conditions be open minded to using Cannabis as medicine. Find the right Cannabis strain and healthy consumption method individually tailored to you with frequent follow up consults.

Adena Lindstrom, Registered Dietitian
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, 2005